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Hosted by the Beta Beta Chapter - Detroit, Michigan


To see the full agenda and for registration, please visit:



To be eligible for any award:
~Sorors must be in good standing with their local chapter (community service involvement, meeting attendance and dues)

~Sorors had to have crossed on or before April 1, 2015 (except for the Rising Swan Award).


~All nominations must be a written statement (at least a paragraph long) detailing why a particular Soror is being nominated for a specific award. It must be turned in directly to the respective Regional Director from the chapter leadership team by April 1st. Regional Directors will ensure that nominees meet the criteria set by the National Leadership Team and their submissions are in the proper format.


The STARS and Virtuous Woman Award will be narrowed down to 2 nominees - all the others will be narrowed down to 4 nominees.



The Diamond Award: This award represents self-improvement - achieving a major goal personally and/or within the organization.

The Blue Sapphire Award: This award represents education - achieving a higher level of education.

The Pink Tourmaline Award: This award represents the Soror with the most community service hours (must have been reported on the 2015 end-of-year roster and may be subjected to verification by the National Team).

The J.E.W.E.L.S. Award: This award represents the Soror that embraces the spirit of sisterhood - from providing consistent support for their chapter members and/or throughout the organization.

The Virtuous Woman Award: This award represents ALL the requirements in the above awards - self-improvement, higher education, community service, and sisterhood.

The S.T.A.R.S Award (Sisterhood, Transcendence, Achievement, Rights for Women, Service): This award is the chapter of the year award. This award represents ALL the requirements on a chapter level.

The Rising Swan Award: This award is for those who crossed AFTER April 2015. This award follows the same criteria as the Virtuous Woman Award.


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